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Lean Basics

This course provides the fundamental explanation of why leading companies are applying Lean. You will understand the strategic direction of lean, the principles, methodology and concepts.

The fundamental tools and techniques are taught with simple examples to provide a clear understanding of each tool’s purpose and impact. These tools can be applied in any industry, organization or in personal life to have significant bottom line results. Content:
  • Why competitive companies are applying Lean
  • Lean Principles and Strategy
  • 5S Workplace Organization and Visual Controls
  • Mura, Muri and Muda (7 Wastes +1)
  • Standardized Work & Processes
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Practical Problem Solving
  • 5 Whys
  • Continuous Improvement
  • People Involvement for Change Lean Leadership Tools (8 hours)
This course focuses on senior leadership Lean tools. It is all about the customer and creating flow through your organization to improve results. Three tools and a methodology are taught in this course:
  • You will understand why Value Stream Mapping (VSM) is the first tool applied when initiating a Lean Journey within your organization. You will map a theoretical company and analyze the data to decrease lead time, improve quality and reduce costs.
  • You will learn how Business Plan Deployment aligns resources and utilizes company assets more efficiently and effectively.
  • Finally, you will learn the discipline of One Page Reporting and how it saves time and improves your business. Content: · Value Stream Mapping · Value Stream Mapping Exercise · Business Plan Deployment (Hoshin Kanri) - Strategy deployment and execution · One Page Reports - an essential reporting tool for problem solving, proposals, status reports · PDCA cycle in leadership tool.
Lean Improvement Tools Overview (8 hours).  This course will teach key tools for improving the support, feeder and main processes in any organization. Manufacturing and process industries will be the focus however these tools can be applied more broadly. You will understand how to map a product, balance and stream line processes to reduce time, improve quality and reduce costs while increasing safety. Content Includes:
  • Process Mapping
  • Value Added Ratio
  • Line Balancing
  • Built-In-Quality System
  • SMED (Single Minute Exchange of Dies)
  • Total Preventative Maintenance (TPM)
  • Pull Systems and Material Flow
Featuring Three Custom Course Offerings in LEAN Methods for Business and Manufacturing.

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